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Yuri F. Lima



Platform Engineer

Versatile and skilled engineer with expertise in Kubernetes, Linux, Golang, and ArgoCD, among other technologies. Experienced in designing and managing scalable systems, automating infrastructure, and ensuring efficient deployment workflows. Proficient in implementing modern software delivery practices and driving continuous improvement. Collaborative team player with a strong track record of delivering robust solutions.

  • - Innovative engineer Experienced in driving the full software development lifecycle, from conceptualization to the delivery of next-generation applications and customizable solutions. Committed to pushing boundaries and finding creative solutions to complex challenges, consistently exceeding expectations.
  • - Expertise in Advanced Development Methodologies Deep knowledge and hands-on experience with microservices and container orchestration tools. Played a pivotal role in designing and deploying cutting-edge software applications, leveraging the latest advancements in technology to deliver high-performance and scalable solutions.


Kubernetes, AWS, Container Orchestration, Docker, Elixir, Git, Golang, Google Cloud, GraphQL, Haskell, Istio, JavaScript, Linux, Microservices, Serverless, Nixos, Prometheus, Redis, Postgres, REST API, Envoy Service Mesh, Terraform, Ansible

Professional Experience

Staff Platform Engineer - Cloudwalk 12/20 to Present

  • - Engineered and deployed robust CI/CD pipelines with multi-cluster Kubernetes.
  • - Developed comprehensive system status metrics for actionable insights.
  • - Seamlessly migrated Postgres databases between providers, ensuring data integrity.
  • - Created an intuitive Internal CLI to improve development efficiency.
  • - Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles using Terraform, Helm, and ArgoCD.
  • - Ensured system availability and service-level objectives (SLOs) through proactive incident management.
  • - Collaborated with software engineering teams to implement DevOps practices.
  • - Designed and implemented a scalable logging, monitoring, and alerting system.
  • - Provided on-call support and management, performed root cause analysis, and implemented preventative measures.

Senior Software Engineer - Telnyx 12/20 to 11/22

  • - Developed and maintained production software using Elixir & Phoenix
  • - Designed new features documented as RFC
  • - Created and maintained technical documentation and public REST APIs
  • - Managed technical debts and worked on SLOs
  • - Onboarded new team members and participated in technical hiring processes
  • - Improved system observability and optimized deployment
  • - Maintained service scalability, undertook on-call rotations, and adjusted alerts

Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Dafiti 6/19 to 12/20

  • - Modernized Dafiti's legacy software architecture to cloud-based solutions
  • - Managed automated Black Friday Stress testing and acceptance tests
  • - Orchestrated application scalability based on custom metrics
  • - Performed vendor management, including cloud providers and third-party tool providers.
  • - Implemented ArgoCD for application deployment and Istio for service mesh

Senior Site Reliability Engineer - Totvs 3/17 to 6/19

  • - Provisioned legacy software on the cloud using containers and Kubernetes
  • - Engineered and developed an application for infrastructure management, managing Helm and Terraform executions
  • - Developed a GraphQL API for internal instance requests and an execution engine using Ruby
  • - Developed an application allowing single-thread software to run concurrently in multiple pods using Go and Redis
  • - Deployed CI with Drone for chart and image publication, used Rancher for Kubernetes-based application deployment
  • - Utilized Prometheus for system monitoring
  • - Employed FaaS and AWS Lambda for efficient, cost-effective services
  • - Managed state in an Angular application using Flux architecture