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Yuri F. Lima

Software Engineer

São Paulo, Brazil

DDD, Functional Developer, Distributed Systems

Detail-oriented programmer and Software Architect with 8+ years of devising innovative solutions to meet ever-changing business requirements within diverse industries. Advanced skill with bleeding-edge programming tools complemented by proven ability to assimilate and rapidly utilize emerging technologies, always challenging preconceptions. Functional programming enthusiast.

  • - Innovative software engineer offering, Eight years of experience in the full software development lifecycle – from concept through delivery of next-generation applications and customizable solutions.
  • - Expert in advanced development methodologies, Microservices, container orchestration tools, and using TDD and DDD contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge software applications.

Technical Tools

AWS, AWS Lambda, Agile Methods, Container Orchestration, Docker, Elixir, Event Sourcing, GIT, Go, Google Cloud, Graphql, Haskell, Istio, JavaScript, Kafka, Kubernetes, Linux, Microservices Deploy, Nixos, NoSQL, Node.js, Prometheus, React, Redis, Rest API, Service Mesh, Vue.js

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer - Telnyx 12/20 to Present

  • Working on the porting squad as elixir engineer

Site Reliability Engineer - Dafiti 6/19 to 12/20

  • Worked on bringing Dafiti's legacy software to a modern cloud architecture
  • Managed the automated Black Friday Stress test and acceptance tests
  • Worked on orchestrating applications to scale based on custom metrics
  • Implemented ArgoCD to deploy applications
  • Implemented istio

Site Reliability Engineer - Totvs 3/17 to 6/19

  • Worked to provision legacy software on cloud, using containers and orchestrating with Kubernetes.
  • Engineered and Developed the new application to manage infrastructure, managing helm and terraform executions
  • Developed a Graphql api used internally to request new instances of the legacy code
  • Developed an execution engine to manage internal executions using ruby
  • Developed an application to make previously single thread software to run concurrently in multiples pods using Go and Redis
  • Used drone to deploy ci to publish charts and images, and rancher to deploy applications on Kubernetes, writhing Kubernetes specs with helm
  • Used Prometheus for system monitoring
  • Used faas and AWS lambda to run low cost and quick to assemble services
  • Used flux architecture to manage state on an angular application

Software Engineer - Yebo, API E-Commerce 1/14 to 2/17

  • Developing and maintaining large-scale E-Commerce platform using technologies such as Ruby, Amazon SQS, Kubernetes, Redis, Docker, Docker Compose, Continuous integration, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, and others.
  • Developing E-Commerce API to follow the newest API conventions and standards, with Grape, Rails, AMS, and JWT as authentication and JSON as the notation language.
  • Creating and maintaining Javascript SDK for the E-Commerce API and using this SDK in EmberJS applications.
  • E-Commerce platform SysAdmin, deploying containers to production, Redis for caching, SQS for asynchronous jobs, Nginx for Web Server.
  • Developing E-Commerces using Restful API, javascript with EmberJS.
  • Managing Kubernetes cluster on google cloud.
  • Deploying application using drone ci